Launch to excellence

"Failure is not an option*"

When it comes to rockets and space systems, every detail must be right at the time of launch, at T-Minus Zero. A single point of failure can lead to a complete mission failure. With our roots in rocketry, we at T-Minus Engineering are fully aware of this fact. Good preparation, timely delivery and mission success are key in our products and services: when the launch window opens, we are ready.

CanSat launcher

T-Minus Engineering is a young and flexible company, founded in 2011, and is situated in Delft, the Netherlands. It is divided into two branches:

Throughout the project, our team of experienced engineers will provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex engineering problems — solutions that perfectly match the project requirements. Coming up with smart, pragmatic and adequate solutions to technical problems is our core business.

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*Contrary to common belief, the lead flight director in the Apollo moon project Gene Kranz did not use the phrase “failure is not an option”. His words were: “when bad things happened, we just calmly laid out all the options, and failure was not one of them” This morphed into the above mentioned phrase in the movie Apollo 13.

T-Minus Engineering