Launch to excellence

Hein Olthof

The specialties of co-founder Hein Olthof are rocket propulsion, systems engineering and rocket operations. He acquired his M.Sc. title in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2013 with a thesis on solid rocket motor design and solid propellant development. During his M.Sc. studies, he performed a 3-month internship at Esrange Space Center as test engineer and ground safety engineer. Here, he worked amongst others on the Mapheus-2 sounding rocket and the D-SEND balloon campaign.

During his studies in Delft, Hein was a member of Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering. He held the position of safety officer for 5 years, and participated in the record-breaking Stratos project. Next to that, he was project leader of the solid propulsion research group “Solid Six”, with which he performed research on a new rocket propellant called ALAN-7.
The results of this research are published in 4 scientific papers.