Launch to excellence

Mark Uitendaal

Mark Uitendaal is an aerospace engineer with a master degree from the Technical University of Delft. Mark was project manager and chief engineer of the STRATOS I project launched in 2009. This rocket achieved the European altitude record for amateur rockets, which stands till this day. Mark has two years of experience as project manager / system engineer at SSC Esrange, Kiruna, in which he participated in numerous rocket and balloon campaigns. Mark was project manager of the REXUS/BEXUS project, but also participated in MAXUS, TEXUS, MASER, MAPHEUS, D-SEND and other campaigns during that period.

After his time at Esrange he co-founded T-Minus Engineering, since he is a firm believer of making the sounding rocketry and space business cheaper and more efficient via miniaturisation and commercialisation, a goal which he tries to achieve via T-Minus Engineering.