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CanSat launch days

Posted: Jun 9, 2013

On April the 12th, 120 high-school students from all over Europe, divided over 15 teams, arrived at ASK ‘t Harde. The project they worked on for half a year would come to a spectacular end, when the fruits of their labor, in the form of a flight-ready CanSat, would be launched more than 1 km up in the atmosphere.
Weather conditions were good: the wind allowed the T-Minus CanSat launchers to be launched at a high elevation, so that apogee altitudes of approximately 1250m could be achieved. Four rockets, each carrying five or six CanSats were launched. Some of the teams even had the chance of flying a second time, after not being able to fulfill their mission completely during the first launch. At the end of the launch day, most teams had gathered a large pile of data, waiting to be analyzed later that evening. On the next day, they presented their results at the Space Expo in Noordwijk before an assessment committee. After long and thorough deliberation, team AirSatOne was declared winner of “CanSats in Europe 2013”.

Only 6 weeks later, on May 24th, another CanSat launch day was scheduled, this time for 7 teams from the Brussels region. Two T-Minus CanSat launchers loaded with 3 CanSats each were launched to approximately 1250m. The few clouds on the otherwise clear sky provided excellent contrast for good visibility of the launch trajectory and deployment of the CanSats. All CanSats could easily be tracked all the way to the ground with binoculars. Because of this, all CanSats could be retrieved from the impact area by the end of the day. Team Atmos was declared winner of the first ever Brussels CanSat competition.

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